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(ICE) Ministry is categorized into different departments


Is a department of International chapel of Elegance Inc, charged with the duties of handling all Visuals, Audios, Prints messages and teachings Pastor Ebenezer Eze and the ministry,  for both, off Air and online Broadcast, as well as for television stations. For effective spread of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ


They are in charge of publicizing our messages/programmes on all available platforms. They mobilize for awareness rallies and public announcements of our church activities/ Programmes . The ice publicity are saddled with the responsibility of content creating for the ministry and carries every of our programmes captions to the latter.


This is a department that brings women together and closer to Christ for a common Godly purpose  through teachings, power programmes which centers and enlightens on kingdom marriage and how to keep a Godly home.


(ICE ) Prayer group are trained men and women who are raised under the tutelage of Pastor Ebenezer Eze to pray right, purposefully in accordance with God's word and conduct intercessory prayers for the church and Souls around the world at different times and for different purposes.


This is a department of men and women who have gone through tutelage of Pastor Ebenezer Eze, empowered with the right knowledge of God's word, infused with passion for soul winning, reconciling men back to Christ, depopulating the kingdom of darkness by the preaching of the gospel and teachings about the love of Christ.


Music group They play the role of leading the congregation in divine worship, singing songs of faith, comfort, hope, forgivenes of sins , coming to Christ, his deaths and resurrection by love and life everlasting .


Is a special department in charge of sales and marketing of our ministry materials, such as our audio messages, visuals, books, stickers, etc.


This is department that focuses on teaching children in every of our services/Programmes, shaping their future through God’s word to become better individuals in the society

Pastor Mrs Nkehiyere Eze

She is The assistant Pastor ICE ,a song writer and preacher of the gospel